Hello. If you’re here it’s most likely that you are growing a human. (Which is pretty bloody impressive- well done you). It’s an exciting time. But if you’re anything like i was during pregnancy it’s a scary time too. Are you watching episodes of One Born Every Minute from behind a cushion? Are well meaning family members telling you stories about 12lb babies and five day labours ? Would you like to be feeling more informed, confident and prepared for what’s to come? Good news! You’re in the right place. 

I offer a no-nonsense hypnobirthing course which gives you and your birth partner the facts about birth and the options open to you. So you can have the best possible birthing experience. The course is grounded in facts and stats. There isn’t incense or chanting. It’s just me talking about birth and everyone eating biscuits. What’s not to love?  

Have a browse on this website or take a look at The Birthing Project on Facebook and if you think that this might be the antenatal course for you then get in touch. (And if your birth partner needs any encouragement then the good news is that the course I run from my studio at home is only 150 yards from a pub...)