Course Details


The course is run from my home studio and takes place over four evenings or two days.

I cover the North Essex/Suffolk region including:

  • Sudbury
  • Halstead
  • Braintree
  • Haverhill
  • Witham
  • Bury St Edmunds
  • Clare
  • Long Melford
  • White Court
  • Great Notley
  • Chelmsford 


1 When is the best time for me to do the course?

Generally it’s best to do the course when you are around 25-30 weeks pregnant so you can practise the techniques to the point that they become second nature by the time you go into labour (but its never too early or too late to benefit from the course). 

2 Can I use hypnobirthing if I’m having twins/ have gestational diabetes/ have a breech baby/ have had IVF/ all of the above?

Yes! Hypnobirthing techniques are useful for all kinds of birth but can be particularly useful if you are having a “high risk” pregnancy. Hypnobirthing will have benefits for you whatever the nature of your pregnancy

3 Once I’ve done the course, what else can I do to prepare for a positive birth?

Doing the course is just your first step towards a positive birth. Between classes and after the course is finished you are encouraged to practise (practise, practise, practise, practise) what you have learnt doing daily visualisation and breathing exercises. 

4 I’m planning a C-section. Will hypnobirthing be useful for me?

Yes. Many women enjoy using hypnobirthing techniques to have a gentle C-section.

5 Um. I don’t think I want to be hypnotised. Will Derren Brown be making me believe I’m in a video game?

Absolutely not. There is an element of hypnosis in hypnobirthing but its nothing like the stage hypnosis you’ve seen on TV. There won’t be any pendulum swinging.

6 Where does the course take place?

I run the course from my home studio which is next to the cottage where I live with my husband and two boys. We are lucky enough to live in glorious countryside so if its a sunny day I often do classes in the garden.

7 I don’t like the idea of a home birth or a water birth. Isn’t this compulsory in hypnobirthing?

No. How you give birth is entirely up to you. Hypnobirthing does not prescribe a way of giving birth. So take all of the drugs on offer or laugh in the face of a paracetamol. Do it in hospital surrounded by as many medical staff as you can find or give birth on the loo at home before the midwife arrives (true story for one of my hypnobirthing mums!). Its up to you.

8 What is the difference between hypnobirthing and NCT classes?

The hypnobirthing course covers the physiology of giving birth in just as much detail as NCT but additionally covers things like breathing exercises, deep relaxations, visualisations, massage and, possibly most importantly, an understanding of “the system”. One hypnobirthing mum said “I found the hypnobirthing class wonderfully detailed about birth, labour etc to the point that I felt like the NCT course I took after was a bit of a waste of time.”

9 I like the idea of hypnobirthing but my partner isn’t keen.

I was in exactly the same position when I was pregnant but after witnessing the difficult birth I had with my first son and then the fantastic joyous birth with my second, my husband is an absolute convert. Hypnobirthing is no different to the way Gareth Southgate focused on preparing the World Cup team both physically and psychologically. (Think mental resilience and penalty preparation.) But if this sporting metaphor isn’t enough to convince your birth partner of the benefits and they think it isn’t for them then you are, of course, very welcome to come on your own or with a friend/family member/pet.


£250 per couple. (Payment plans are available. Please ask) 

To find out about upcoming course dates and times (or just to have a chat about hypnobirthing and how it could change your birth journey please contact me. I LOVE it. Honestly!)

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