Alison and baby Jack

I really enjoyed this course and found it such a positive, informative and empowering experience. Verity’s teaching style is relaxed and interactive and I learnt a huge amount over 2 days. 

I took away some fantastic techniques, advice and tools to support not just myself, but most importantly, for me it was to have my husband in a calm place. As this is our first child and he was quite anxious. 

I found that hypnobirthing helped us both to relax in the lead up, as well as the labour itself. 

It enabled me to cope through when it came to my own labour experience. I had a greater understanding about what to expect, managing my own expectations and giving me the support I needed in order to feel capable and in control. I felt reassured and able to handle what came my way. 

I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to prepare for a calm, positive and confident birth.

Helen and Baby Olive

I can’t thank Verity and the birthing project enough for giving me a calm and controlled childbirth experience. As a first time mum I was terrified at the prospect of giving birth - especially as my pregnancy was classified as high-risk from the start. Verity’s clear and step-by-step course took us through the entire birthing process from start to finish and made us aware of all the options and decisions we could make at every point. This meant that my partner and I felt totally prepared to face whatever direction our birth took and we had the confidence to make decisions that felt right for us rather than get rushed or pushed into things in the heat of the moment in the delivery room. In particular I found the breathing exercises and daily affirmations incredibly helpful for calming my nerves and coping with early labour pains. I had a positive birth experience thanks to Verity and I’m happily sat here now with my week-old baby!